What is the Westhollow Society? 

A registered Non-Profit comprised of residents, architects, designers, urban planners, developers, landscapers, neighborhood  associations, businesses, etc.  We have no political affiliation or promotion of candidates.

Our name, “Westhollow Society” comes from the need to give NorthWest Dallas a “brand” identity.  Most people living in NW Dallas have a difficult time explaining where they live because our area has never been given much thought in terms of its image or brand.   The first thing we did at Westhollow Society was to give NW Dallas the moniker.   We chose “Westhollow” since this area of Dallas is directly West of Preston Hollow, our very Tony neighbor.  Although many people consider this part of Dallas part of Preston Hollow, our needs are different, our demographics are different, and our overall identity is different.   Therefore, we are “branding” the neighborhoods West of Midway Road, South of LBJ Freeway, North of Walnut Hill and East of I-35 as “Westhollow”.

Some of the neighborhoods that are encompassed within Westhollow’s mission are Park Forest, Royal Hills, Sparkman Club, Timberbrook, Royal Oaks, Royal North, Underwood, Northaven Park, Glen Cove, Highland Meadows, Coral Hills, Webster Grove, Walnut HIlls, Royal Haven, Chapel Forest, Chapel Downs, Walnut Meadows, Northway Hills, Midway Hills and Meadow Park.

We chose to be a “Society” because we are a group of individuals coming together for the betterment our community.

How is this different than an HOA?

Westhollow does not have any control over property rights, or any control of any kind over neighborhoods.  We only serve residents to improve the neighborhood and community with donations and dues from commercial and residential members to be distributed as dictated by the organization’s membership. Membership is completely voluntary. We can never place any type of lien on your property for nonpayment of dues or any other purpose.  We are strictly a community betterment organization.

All contributions directly benefit your community, not someone else’s and all contributions are tax deductible (once we have completed the 501(c)3 process with the IRS).


What can it do for my neighborhood?

Beautification – parks, median projects, street sign toppers, urban planning, developments, trees, community gardens, architectural registration for home tours, historical preservation programs, redevelopment projects, street improvement projects, yard of the month clubs and more.

Real estate programs –   Fund for repairing dilapidated or eyesores for those who cannot afford to (proven to not have the income or money such as elderly or handicapped or ill who cant afford to repaint house or new roof etc.), or make repairs to plumbing, yardwork, etc., free interior design advice to platinum members, up to 5 hours a $1250 value

Education – School projects, funding, educational scholarships, school supply drives, etc.

Neighborhood identification projects – funding and  signage programs which will give each neighborhood its own identities according to each neighborhood’s HOA or neighborhood associations wishes if these associations wish to participate.

Safety – security patrol officer payments, cameras, gated entries and specific entry points, crime watch funding, street light programs.

Community – health care fund/drives, for terminally ill residents, elderly care programs, pet registration programs, carpool programs, tutoring registration, sex offender registry, food pantry, English classes for immigrants, legal services, health programs.

Environmental programs –  tree planting/matching/reimbursement, solar energy programs/credits, sprinkler rain sensor program, recycling programs.


What are the projected projects Westhollow is planning for the area?

Please click here to learn about past, present, and upcoming projects!

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