Westhollow Society was started to improve the Northwest Dallas area through beautification, advocacy, better development and to increase property value.

Considering that we have received very little support from the community, we have achieved the following:

  • Brought the community together for numerous meetings to discuss together what we want for the future of our area.
  • Designed, raised money for and installed street signage for Park Forest neighborhood
  • Fought for street improvements in the area and successfully managed to get a handful of streets in the area resurfaced. ¬†We are still fighting to get them repaved.
  • Make continual efforts and continual pressure on Jennifer Staubach-Gates and the city council to meet our community’s needs and demands for equal treatment.
  • Give Northwest Dallas an identity that we continually try to market as Westhollow to improve the area’s standing and to give it an identity.
  • Planning fundraisers for 2015 including a 5K and Festival.
  • Completed beautification plans including design for median beautification at major intersections including Forest and Marsh and Forest and Webb Chapel through city funds matching.
  • Spoken with developers and tried to work with them to help our community’s causes and efforts by bringing in better anchors and retail and restaurant establishments.
  • Completed a petition for street improvement in our area going to Jennifer Staubach-Gates in February.

Hopefully this year will allow us to achieve more with more donations and grant applications.

If you want to participate, please contact us and we’ll invite you to the next meeting!

Thanks to all of those who joined in 2014 and to those whom support our continued, yet stymied, efforts to better our area for the future!

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