Would you like to be one of Westhollow Society’s Neighborhood Panelists?  Do you like to give your opinion?  Would you like to help shape the future of Northwest Dallas?  Have an opinion on the top priorities for the area, what the neighborhood is lacking, and what it should look like?

If so, be one of our neighborhood panelists!   It’s free and fun to participate in games and exercises that help us with our Master Plan for the Westhollow area which will ultimately be presented to the City of Dallas, the Federal government and philanthropists and developers for investment and grants!

The only requirement is that you must live in the Westhollow area which is South of LBJ, North of Walnut Hill, East of I-35 and West of Midway Road.

Would you like to volunteer? We need volunteers to participate in helping to run and promote Westhollow Society.  Volunteers will make up the heart of our organization.  We hope you’ll help by volunteering your time, services, manpower and more!  Almost any skill can be used so please volunteer and help make Westhollow an even better place to live!

We hope you’ll help!

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