What are the projected projects Westhollow is planning for the area?

2012-2014 Proposed Projects – beautification, identity/branding, street sign toppers for each neighborhood, median project

1.) Street Repair

The streets in parts of Westhollow are in desperate need of repair.  Although homeowners throughout Dallas, including the Westhollow area, voted overall to support a bond package to repair our streets (not simply patch them), some streets remain in disrepair.  This program will focus on advocating for the repair of the most dilapidated streets through the Westhollow area.


Repave Northwest Dallas Streets Petition

Petition - Repave Westhollow Streets (Northwest Dallas) - GoPetition

2.) Median Beautification & Identity Projects

Median projects at Marsh and LBJ, Marsh and Forest, Forest and Midway, Webb chapel and Forest, Royal and Midway, Walnut hill and Midway, Marsh and Walnut Hill.  This project will work to install irrigation systems, plants, trees, flowers, and quality planned landscaping in the medians of these locations.  It will also work to put signs identifying entrances to the Westhollow neighborhoods.

3.) Park Forest Project – Sign Topper Project – Design and facilitate collection of funds to fund street sign topper program.



4. ) Development Projects –  Phase I – (2014 – 2016)

Forest and Marsh, Webb chapel and Forest, Marsh and Walnut Hill.

We intend to assist in recruiting developers with a vision that will coincide with a mid-urban development in each of these locations consisting of mixed-use developments and doing away with the antiquated strip mall developments so prevalent in our area of Dallas.

This project will include a contest for architects and urban planners with entry fees for participants to create proposals for redevelopment for mixed use like West Village.   Condos on Forest between Marsh and Webb chapel, Rezoning (developers to buy out houses facing Forest as an option).   These plans will coincide with our Beautification plans (median projects, etc.) for these transportation corridors.

 Forest & Marsh Development Project  

This project will help to bring mixed use mid-rise developments to the Forest & Marsh commercial areas.  To include mid-century modern styled structures with promenades and off street parking, these will enhance the neighborhood by bringing to it desperately needed sit-down restaurants, small retail, and town homes for those wanting easy access and commuting via 635, 35, the Tollway, and Northwest Highway.

Forest Lane Development Concept


5.) Westhollow Master Plan

We have been working hard developing a Master Plan for the entire Westhollow area of Dallas.

Westhollow Society’s mission is to foster a better community through beautification, identity, community events, charity, urban planning, architecture, education and advocacy. Our first step is a strategic assessment of our neighborhood designed to build upon community assets and help the City government and a neighborhood work together. It is targeted in scope, action-oriented and can be accomplished within a defined time frame. The purpose is to understand the neighborhood and its assets, create a neighborhood vision and identify issues within the neighborhood. Goals, objectives and actions are developed to address priority issues. It is a method that incorporates land use and physical planning elements, along with other policy issues affecting the quality of life within the neighborhood. Following is a description of the program objectives and planning steps.

The Neighborhood Foundation Plan will address the following seven major objectives:

Neighborhood Initiative: Encourage neighborhoods and neighborhood community associations with an interest and ability to participate in a planning process that includes a broad cross-section of the community.

Neighborhood Plans: Create neighborhood plans that are consistent with and integral components of Dallas’ Comprehensive Plan.

Planning Need and Future Vision: Address future growth, emerging issues and community transitions in order to preserve and improve the quality of life in Dallas’ neighborhoods.

Balanced Distribution of Neighborhoods: Actively encourage participation by neighborhoods that have received limited municipal attention and prepare plans for neighborhoods located throughout Westhollow.

Identity: Identify and strengthen the distinct character and sense of place in each neighborhood within Westhollow.

Responsiveness: Promote strong, cooperative relationships so that City government, neighborhoods, and individuals can work together effectively.

Value and Utility: Produce plans and work products useful to neighborhoods and to City Departments in prioritizing and carrying out programs and services.


6.) Community Center Coffee House & Wine Bar

Westhollow Society is working to establish a community center/coffee house/wine bar which would have a portion of its profits go back into the community to fund projects such as beautification, education, development and more.


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