The Streets in the Park Forest SubDivision of North Dallas are in extremely bad shape. A news 8 story this year stated that the streets in District 13 of Dallas are in worse shape than all other districts. Ann Margolin is the City Council member for District 13. These issue has been brought to her attention numerous times as well as the Streets department of the City of Dallas. However, no action has been taken other than occasional patching.

Patching the streets is not enough as most streets are crumbling, bumpy, and need to be completely repaved. From our own research, the last time this was done in the Park Forest neighborhood was over 30 years ago.

In 2006 there was a bond election for improving the streets in Dallas. However, Park Forest has yet to see any improvement as a result of this bond package yet are paying higher taxes as a result of it. One street, Sonnet Drive in the Park Forest subdivision has been repaved completely. However, all of the streets surrounding it, some in far worse condition (especially Dartmoor near the school, Cromwell, Pallos Verdas Drive, and others) have been completely ignored.

The citizens of the Park Forest neighborhood demand that our streets be repaved by order of condition (from worst to least needed repair).

Park Forest residents are tax paying citizens and are tired of seeing surrounding neighborhoods receive attention to their streets, sidewalks, and other infrastructure, but nothing is done for the crumbling of our own.

This petition is a plea to the City of Dallas, to Ann Margolin, the City of Dallas Streets department, etc. to immediately begin repairing our streets by repaving them completely, not merely patching with asphalt.


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