Donovan Lord, the founder and President of Westhollow Society, is working to plan the 2014-2015 programs and goals for the Westhollow Society.

“Our first couple of years have moved slowly because we have little funding and little participation by neighborhoods, but we hope to change that with increased donations, public events that will help fund our programs, and a new campaign to educate the Northwest Dallas area of Dallas about who we are, what we do, and what we can do for them.”

The first two years of Westhollow Society’s programs included establishing the Westhollow name as a branding for the Northwest Dallas area, establishing the WEHO program with local businesses to offer discounts to members which will begin in 2014, facilitating and managing and designing singage for the Park Forest neighborhood as a test case for future neighborhood brandings, as well as confronting the current District 13 Councilwoman Anne Margolis on her lack of follow-thru on the repair of our streets  as well as demanding answers on this and other issues that affect Westhollow.

Lord says he plans to bring 100+ signatures for the petition to demand repair of our streets and alleys that are in major disrepair to the Dallas City Council in 2014. It is the number one priority for 2014.

Westhollow Society is planning more community events and even a local cooperative establishment for the area as well.

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